Info to gather before quoting:


Non-tobacco or tobacco

Diagnoses being treated

Current medications

Pending treatments

Therapy: physical, occupational, speech

Previous declines

Use of cane, walker, wheelchair


How to prepare for an exam:

Get a good night’s sleep

Stay hydrated

Medications list

Disclose blood draw issues

Do not consume salty foods

Do not do strenuous exercise

Do not drink alcoholic beverages

Avoid nicotine and caffeine


How to prepare for a phone interview:

Medications list

Physicians contact information

Dates of surgeries

Dates of hospitalizations/ER visits

Have test and lab results handy

Be in a quiet place without distraction

Do not drive during interview


Cognitive assessment

Often required for LTCI

Usually by phone

Sometimes face-to-face

Take even silly questions seriously

Don’t be funny

Don’t allow distraction

Ask the Underwriter


  • Producer:

  • Client Information: