Responsible and Effective Health Care Reform

Important health care reforms to make health insurance less expensive and available to all.

Tax Reform
Keep employer health insurance premium tax deduction for corporations and extend it to all businesses. Change the personal income tax exemption for employer paid health insurance premiums to a refundable tax credit. Refundable credits are those a person gets even if there is no tax owed. This can and should be done on a revenue neutral basis.

Benefit Mandate Reform
States must not mandate that the services of special interest providers be covered in insurance plans. Mandates only serve to increase the demand for otherwise elective services.

Tort Reform
Require that punitive judgments inure to the benefit of the state education system, not the plaintiff and not the attorney. The plaintiff can still get actual damages, pain and suffering and reasonable legal fees.

Employee Choice
Create programs in the employer setting that allow multiple private plans and benefit structures to be offered within the same employer group. In this way, each certificate of insurance will be owned by the employee and be portable.

Health Savings Accounts
Health Savings Accounts (HSA) can reduce the cost of health insurance and out of pocket expenses while providing funds for health care expenses not covered by health insurance. HSAs remove a barrier to care created by normal deductibles. HSAs help strengthen consumer market choice influence.

Telemedicine can dramatically reduce the cost of and access to quality rural health care.

Rather than be increasingly dependent upon Medicaid, use some of those funds to create the refundable tax credit pay for the private health insurance of modest wage earners. Medicaid will remain a necessary safety net, but will be required for far fewer people.

Encourage Competition
Restrain regulation to issues of fiduciary responsibility. If there is a subsidy to be given by the federal government, let it be at the choice of the individual what plan it subsidizes. Allow all types of plans to sink or swim on their own merit. The market will determine which plans most closely meet the needs and wants of the American public.

Prevent Health Care Fraud and Abuse
Require that those who market or service health care plans be licensed by testing for competency, passing a criminal background check, examined for fiscal responsibility and are regulated by the State Departments of Insurance.

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