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Account Manager Dede Boden 1803
Annuities Brittani Button 1007
Annuities Shay Treptow 1126
Communications Director Jill Krumbach 1041
Critical Illness / Disability Seth Ramirez 1014
Health Chris Ware 1004
Health Rose Mraz 1020
Health Status Dede Boden 1803
Life Tony Boyd 1019
Life Danielle Bradford 1127
Life Status Chele Kosiol 1015
Linked LTC & Annuities Tom Jodis 1006
Long Term Care Alex Ritter 1044
Long Term Care Michelle Dunn 1022
Long Term Care Shaun Reed 1042
Long Term Care Status Blanche Vlieger 1027
Medicare Advantage Robb Giambrone 1043
Medicare Supplement Mark Cogen 1025
Medicare Supplement Robb Giambrone 1043
Medicare Supplement Jo Ann Morgan 1005
Medicare Supplement Status Chele Kosiol 1015
National Marketing Chris Lee 1125
National Marketing Clark Lee 1120
Worksite Chris Ware 1004
CFO Warren Foss 1008
Appointments Sarah Davis 1031
Bookkeeping Nicole VanScoy 1023
Brokerage Manager Cyndi Fry 1003
Mail Room Blanche Vlieger 1027
New Business Allen Davis 1016
President Art Jetter 1012
Reception Shree Ezell 1000
Suitability / Compliance Cyndi Fry 1003
Senior Vice President, CMO Karen Nalley 1009
Underwriter Bob (RD) Coffeen 1013
Vice President, COO, IT AC Jetter 1010
Benefits for Art Jetter & Company Brokers
- Impaired Risk
- Large Cases
- Quality Carriers
- Excellent Service
- Great Support
- Lead programs
- Consumer value
- Top compensation
- Instant status updates
- State-of-the-Art Software
- Perks and Incentives
- Free E & O Insurance

Errors and Omissions Insurance
- Free for Brokers
- Covers Damages
- Covers Legal Defense 
- $1,000,000 max
- May supplement coverage
- Art Jetter & Co. business only

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